What’s Past Is Prologue

Deeper, darker, further I have reached
Everyone left, a few beseeched
What could be the reason?
What did they need done?
Maybe if I shut my eyes tight
I would not have to understand what’s right
And so I lay here all this while
Every time I wanted to get up-
Invisible hands pulled me back
Until I saw no point in the fight
Enveloping the abyss-
It’s been easier being out of sight


Fight the bleh-ness III

Revisiting words

It is the uncanniest thing ever
the way its been of late
Thought I was too clever
and could do without a mate

The flaws in me & the vices are often overlooked
I shield them too well it seems
My thoughts always booked

A blank sheet that finds itself suddenly filled wih words
Ink spilled, tears too…some more precious than blood
But they too have their guards

A word
thats all it seeks
that is all it takes to speak

A word
hmmm not like no one is speaking
But is it getting through to me?

A word
I gaze up to the stars
perhaps they would whisper back

A word…
no longer a rhyme
seems so little, till uve seen its worth.

Awaiting the truant

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Riddled sleep

When the darkest hour seems to have passed and dawn is close at bay
When the hand has lifted from eyes upon which shadows once lay
When the wind takes her flight with newly acquired reign
When all is lost and yet you find that it hadn’t been all in vain

I know not how the these changes occur and how I’d take my stand
I know not if at the end of the day I’d still have the helping hand

When the lost mirth returns upon every ray that sneaks in from the door
When the crack in thoughts turn to promising sight through which one can soar
When the noises turn themselves in and become melody to your ear
When all who had long forsaken you unexpectedly appear

I know not when or where or what or how or if or now
I know not love nor fate nor trust nor hate that i seem to plow

A loner’s woe

Promises made of words had little value left for her
yet in this moment her heart refused to concur
Secretly bearing the hope of finding her harbor
harshly reminded of reality- the cost of further error

She tells you to go away
secretly wishing that you’d stay
Leaving her alone
did it also mean no phone?

Now reaping the words that she had sown
Clinging to the air till it misses his cologne
Left him thinking her heart’s made of stone
the reality of which shall forever remain unknown